How It Works

A Roof Above Us exists to:
1. Purchase and build homes for use as cost free transitional housing for these families. The charity is primarily funded by profits from the purchase and resale of distressed homes. Using private investors and providing them with a highly competitive rate of return, will ensure a continuous source of funding for the projects. For every 5 projects done, proceeds will be used to purchase a home for charitable use.
2. Fund educational support and programs for both children and adults in the computer sciences. We believe that anyone can learn the basics in coding, web design, internet marketing, etc - and that these are the most relevant skills for the future. This will help families become self-sufficient by ensuring they have marketable skills and more potential for higher earning jobs.

Our goals are simple: keep families together, keep children out of the foster care system, and help these families become self-sufficient by teaching them relevant professional skills and removing the single largest expense for a family: housing.

We believe we have a sustainable model to continuously add housing units for charitable use, and in doing so, lessen the dependence on government resources.