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Prism Video Converter download

Prism Video Converter download is regarded as a tiny application that allows you to transform various video file varieties, these types of as AVI, MPEG, MP4, 3GP, MOV, XVID and WMV. It supports batch converting.

The user interface is simplistic, so that you cannot really have any problems navigating through it, even if you're a novice or hardcore person.

Once you might have specified the file that editing are converted (it may even be described as a video right from the DVD), it's possible to check out its dimension and other information, such as codecs, resolution and body rate.

Furthermore, you can also change video files to MP3 or WAV files. So, we will safely say you'll extract the audio from the video file.

Find the output format and place directory, and after that strike the Convert button. The conversion will take a while, according to the dimension and structure of the file. Within our situation, the program managed to finish a 175MB file (AVI to FLV) in about five minutes.

Prism Video File Converter displays remaining time of conversion (while it is not exact), but it doesn't warn you in any way when the project is accomplished.

We've to admit, in the scenario of AVI to FLV, the image quality is remarkable, and the FLV file carries a lesser size (from 175MB to 107MB).

Furthermore, you can actually configure encoder options (audio and video quality), video options (resize, crop, change frame level), or consequences (shade change, text caption, rotation).

The base line is that Prism Video Converter is an excellent tool to employ for your video converting necessities. So, we recommend you give it a strive.


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