Beijing time on March 28, 2018 World Cup qualifiers Russia 7 rounds, Iran at home 1-0 win over the Chinese team in the end.In the game, although China resisted in the first half of Iran's powerful Charles Johnson Jersey offensive firepower, but the official full and half from the afc data, China fully disadvantage, so they lose his sense of things.First of all, from the point of view on the shot than Iran 12 shot compared to China's 5 foot shot, and Iran is proportional accounted for 50%, while China has no feet within the effective range of shot.Passing on China's 339 shots 438 times lower than Iran a lot and accuracy is not pure, at the same time, the Chinese team more choice up bigfoot passing forward, sometimes even can't find meet in front of players.On the possession, China 42.4% of possession also fully behind the Wolf.In respect of people, the Chinese team of 11 times, the success rate at 18.2%, Iran's 18 times, 22.2% passing rate is also higher than that of China. China passive situation in defensive data also has obvious reflected, due to China most of the time in a defensive posture, so often than 8 to 14 - higher than competitors, the same clearance number 35-28 Iran also is much higher.Another Chinese team as much as 71.4% of intercepting the success rate is much higher than 58.8% of Iran, in spite of this, the Chinese team failed Chris Scott Jersey to resist a Wolf attack, a ball defeat against Iran.Two yellow CARDS than Iran 3, the Chinese team is because Yin Hongbo and MeiFang foul receiving two yellow CARDS. No matter from the fact that scores and data, the Chinese team are fully behind rivals, the game didn't dissipate the joy of victory over South Korea, and suffered a trauma in Tehran today, but the game the team's or at least not competitive state mentality, but the gap on the real power.For the Chinese team to go way, way resistance and long

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