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In August 2014, the Asian Football Confederation ("AFC") and the Asian Champions League have settled in microblogging. Since then, the AFC official has continued to strengthen communication and contact with Chinese fans, and quickly developed into China's social media(visit Buy FIFA 18 Coins, one of the most popular sports account. AFC and the Asian Champions League have a total of about 2.48 million fans on the microblogging!

At present, the 2017 AFC Champions League has entered the critical stage of the knockout, 2018 World Cup is also increasingly intense, in order to further facilitate the fans friends in time to obtain the relevant event information, but also to provide you with more professional and timely news reports and stable and smooth user experience , AFC officially launched WeChat public number!

Fans can visit the AFC microblogging public number of the  menu page to obtain the AFC 2017 and 2018 World Cup schedule standings, team information! You can also enter the keyword directly through the query team information and the "Asian flag" column to get more Asian star players related to the introduction!

In addition, in the attention and participation in our WeChat activities, there is the opportunity to watch the scene on August 31, 2017 China VS Uzbekistan World Cup glory battle, but also close contact with the Chinese national team players!

Dona Rama and AC Milan's contract is only one year to expire, although Milan hopes to leave the only 18-year-old goalkeeper, but the two sides of the contract negotiations did not make much progress. Dona Roma's agent is Raiola (visit Buy FIFA 18 Coins

, he will always for their players for the best interests, so the Rossoneri want to retain Dona Rama is not easy.

Manchester City has been intended to Milan to send 35 million euros offer to buy Dona Rama, but Manchester United immediately joined the Buffon successor called the door god of the battle, and offer more than at least 10 million euros. Under the last resort, Manchester City will raise the offer, which is expected between 60 million and 70 million euros.

The reason why Manchester City on Dona Rama so valued, mainly the team in the goalkeeper position does need to adjust, Guardiola sticks to join the Bravo poor performance may leave, Joe Hart lease after the return of the wait He is only the fate of leaving the team.