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This is a rundown of all Clash Royale fixes and upgrades subsequent to the amusement was discharged in March 2016. I will upgrade this post each time there is another redesign to Clash Royale. It's great to have a rundown of all the patch notes for Clash Royale here so individuals can check what has happened to the amusement since the deck guide they are taking a gander at was composed. 

Immense redesigns for Clash Royale doesn't happen again and again, and each time a gigantic upgrade happens I go over the greater part of my deck controls an overhaul them as vital. Pushing ahead I will likewise make an overhaul to this aide at whatever point there is a noteworthy upgrade to clash royale hack cheats. The most current patch notes and my sentiments about them will be discovered first. For limitless gems do visit clash royale free gems

May 18. equalization overhaul. 

This patch was for the most part centered around the regal goliath and stop and in addition two or three different buffs. 

Regal Giant: Damage diminished by 4% 

They felt his harm was a bit too high, I concur, and I think they will bring down it considerably more in another overhaul soon. 

Solidify: Duration diminished by 1sec 

This was a gigantic expire, however it was fundamental. The mix of swine rider and stop was basically excessively solid. 

Heater: Elixir cost diminished to 4 (from 5), hitpoints diminished by 14% and lifetime diminished to 40sec (from 50sec) 

Just about noone is utilizing this building, so the change was critical without a doubt. The issue is that noone is utilizing it after the redesign either. 

Fire Spirits: Area Damage sweep expanded by 25% 

This is a fine change also. 

Protects hitpoints and harm expanded by 8% 

Watchmen are not utilized much, and that is the same still, their harm is a bit too low. 

Mineworker: Hitpoints expanded by 6% 

Doesn't generally change much as I would like to think. The hit focuses is not what makes a difference the most, the harm is essential. 

Magma Hound: Hitpoints expanded by 3% 

Builds the general population utilizing this card. 

Magma Pups: Hitpoints expanded by 9% 

I think this is fine, the magma dog is not that difficult to manage even after this buff. 

Mixture Collector: Hitpoints diminished by 9% 

This is the most mainstream card in Clash Royale right now. I comprehend they need to make it weaker reason for that. Bringing down the hit focuses aggravate it for ceasing swine riders and comparable troops. 

Knight: Hitpoints expanded by 10% 

Despite everything I don't see the knight utilized much, perhaps they need to buff him significantly more? 

Aircraft: Damage expanded by 10% 

Another pleasant buff, ideally we will see more planes soon. 

Gun: Hitpoints diminished by 5% 

Another absolutely justifiable change. The gun has been much excessively solid in diverting and preventing tower slaughtering troops from doing harm to your tower. 

Tesla: Hitpoints expanded by 5% 

The tesla has been nerfed in a ... more

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