For that matter, in the era of the NBA 2K18 MT combo guard, a lot of fans have missed out on the singular joy of watching a great point guard just go to work for 48 minutes. It'll never get old watching a pudgy little guy like CP wreak havoc on guys twice as big and entire defenses dedicated to stopping him.He wasn't 100 percent last year in New Orleans, but even when he turned in one of the most stupidly dominant playoff series we've ever seen from a point guard, half those games happened at 11 o'clock


Eastern time. Now, though? The Cheap NBA Live Coins Clippers are everyone's reason to stay up late, and Paul's about to go from one of the most underappreciated stars in the NBA to maybe its most popular. And all this is why he'd have been a fool to stay in New Orleans.We still have reasons to worry, obviously. A few: Vinny Del Negro. "But a team like this coaches itself!" you say.


Ah, but not if the coach gets in the way first! We should all give VDN the benefit of the doubt (I guess?), but he underachieved in Chicago with Derrick Rose --the Bulls won an extra 21 games the year after he left -- and even last year's Clippers were about 10 games worse than they should have been. This will be a harder team to underachieve with, but if anyone can find a way ...


It's the fing Clippers. Blake Griffin and Chris Paul both had season-ending injuries two seasons ago. Given the franchise history, the stench of Donald Sterling that lingers over everything out there, we should all knock on wood after any Clippers game that ends with no calamities. Defense. They will need to

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