Shingora was started by Mridula Jain in 1976 to inculcate a trend for high-fashion accessories in India. With its exceptional quality of scarves, stoles, and pocket squares, the label has carved a niche for itself. Today, its contemporary designs have found their way into modern wardrobes with much ease. Each creation is intertwined with traditional and modern inspirations that convey a global appeal.

What to look out for?

Shingora, a synonym for adornment, has always been inspired by the effortless allure and elegance of Indian women. In these changing times, custom let’s go of nostalgia and is celebrated by projecting into the future. The latest collection is influenced by the new era, where technology meets tradition. The muse is a modern woman that wears a classic sari but carries the latest tech gadgets.

The most elaborate Shingora creation?

Green Alchemy, the main wedding and occasion wear line by Shingora has worked with some of the most elaborate materials and patterns. Embroidered with modern motifs, the scarves feature a mix of over 30 fabrics, patterns and embellishments in a single style. The collection plays 50 different hues of greens and peach, along with the use of precious stones making this luxurious range best suited for special occasions.

What’s trending?

‘The India story’ by Shingora, started last year, is one of the most popular collections. The designs are inspired by historical monuments like Jantar Mantar. ‘Trees of India’ features prints and patterns that draw inspiration from Indian flora and fauna. The series offers picturesque trees such as – Banyan, Maltas, Bougainville, Gulmohar and Kachnar. The artwork for each piece has been put together by international, bespoke textile designers commissioned under the guidance of our creative director Marta Sant’Ambrogio. We intend to continue this series as a collector’s item, not a seasonal collection.

The Shingora design perfect for:

Wedding favours: Moving away from traditional gifting ideas, you can choose to gift a monogrammed party wrap or stole from Shingora. It can be an interesting addition to outfits of the guests during the wedding as well as serve as an ideal memento for friends and family.

Party favours: A matching set of the personalised square printed silk scarves for him and her would be a perfect match from the new couple.

A classic option from guests to give couple: You can pick from Shingora’s variety of latest fashion accessory sets that include neckties, pocket squares and belts for the groom while the bride can be gifted a set of matching scarves and a wrap.Read more at:purple formal dresses | orange formal dresses

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