Paul will not jump out of the next season worth $ 24.27 million in the contract to become a completely free agent. According to the labor agreement, if Paul renews with the Clippers,(visit LOLGA.INC he will receive a maximum of five years worth more than $ 200 million in contracts.

But for the already 32 years old and has not played the final division of Paul, he is now the most important is the championship trophy, he must be willing to take a little money, in exchange for a better chance to win. And this is no doubt to enhance the Spurs get Paul's chance, San Antonio team just into the Western Conference finals, but eventually eliminated by the Warriors.

The question now is, if Paul and other teams in addition to the Clippers signed, he can only sign up to 4 years $ 152 million contract. In the total amount of the contract, compared to the renewal of the Clippers, Paul to take less than 50 million US dollars. Moreover, the big Gasol is expected to perform the next season's player options, the Spurs in the summer salary space is only 10 million US dollars. If Derek and David - Lee also choose not to jump out of the contract, then the Spurs space will be smaller.

Of course, if Paul wants to join the Spurs' desire is strong enough, the Spurs can still find ways to make enough salary space. For example, the Spurs can choose to trade go to Pau Gasol, so that can make more free 16.2 million US dollars of space. So, it is up to the end or depends on Paul's attitude.

Reinforcement is one of the main targets of the Spurs in the summer. The team headed guard Parker has been over 35, he also in the playoffs this year suffered a left quadriceps tendon tear injury, may be missed early next season's game. In addition, Mills will become a completely free agent, he may also vote for his team, the Spurs apparently can not put all the burden in only 38 games played rookie Murray who played.

Spurs if they can sign Paul, they will have Leonard, Paul and Ade's three giant combination, coupled with the history of the NBA's greatest coach Popovich, this configuration is enough to challenge the lineup of luxury warriors and knights The Moreover, if Paul joined, the Spurs, Warriors and Knight's strength was significantly higher than other league teams at least one file, NBA will enter the ranks of the three male hegemony.

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