The ability to Fifa 17 Coins see all the objects that factor into an situation or event is very helpful. Most offensive controllers usually position themselves inside a booth high above the actions on the field. Usually they will analyze digital or negative based pictures of the field and also share them with the footballing personnel down on the field.

This Birdseye view is very powerful and it helps tremendously in the decision making process. Could you imagine playing a game of chess at piece level? It could be done but it would be extremely difficult to decipher relative piece positions and overall strategic options. A quarterback plays at player or ground level.

This viewpoint limits a quarterback's ability to see the entire field. Usually, the mechanical ability to throw the proper pass is present, but the lack of vision sometime hampers the decision making process. To a rookie quarterback, the ground level playing field resembles a hot mess and he can't tell where the guy who wants to deliver a whole lot of pain is coming from.

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