Sometimes we now need to scratch that nerd itch having a few crazy overpriced swag though My very expensive Dark Link Statue from Ocarina of Time springs to Runescape Gold mind Rather have a very pipboy a grappling hook lol. Lunk Punisher3990That's understandable, but you have to admit, it's virtually overpriced , thinking concerning the contentsIam not a real fan of rpg's so I didn't buy the witcher 3 either, but that CE was very good to convey the least a classic highly detailed statue using a nice artbook, that's what I would rather see.

Punisher3990 LunkI agree, sometimes they're poor or useless junk but I am acquiring the Pipboy version to exhibit the pipboy round the stand appreciate it is inside the picture. The idea of deploying it like they intend doesn't appeal in my opinion but I like the idea of having a 'pipboy statue' as they say. I am a sizable fan of Fallout and wanted much more than just a casino game box when FO4 is released.

I rarely buy Collector's editions while using exception of Witcher 3 the ultimate one I got was in the past. I waited for a long period for Fallout 4 and I wanted that certain :P Lunk Punisher3990Ahh , the classic nerd defense.Iam a collector myself, have several CE's in my shelves using a lot of oldfashioned games in big cardboard boxes, however I wouldn't purchase this kind of useless crap, even if it absolutely was going available for 5 bucks.

You have to differentiate, CE's nowadays are full of junk, take a take a look at Just Cause 3 CE or R6 siege CE, FC4 CE, mostly all from the ubisoft games CE's are full of junk and overpriced and basically all from the COD CE's were crap within the get go.If Bethesda would swap the useless plastic crap using a nice statue perhaps and provide a nice fullpage artbook, then I would ponder over it.

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