Great news! Permanent F2P is here now and just over time for the 2nd birthday of Aged rs 2007 gold !

Long term Free-to-Play
Permanent F2P has become here for Aged School. Anyone and everyone can login and play the F2P part of the game until their own heart's content. Both new as well as existing accounts get access to F2P Old College so whether you're a new or even old player you are able to hop on and play free of charge!

Small changes towards the F2P portion from the game to go with the release associated with permanent F2P.
Yew trees and shrubs, lobsters and backwoods fishing spots. A while ago the capability for F2P gamers was removed in order to chop yew trees and shrubs or fish lobsters. There are several additional limitations in order to F2P players, which is detailed slightly further down within the news post, we now have made it feasible for F2P players in order to chop yew trees and shrubs and fish lobsters. Furthermore, the dark crab fishing spots present in the wilderness will now behave as tuna/lobster/swordfish fishing places when logged right into a F2P world. Additional NPCs around LumbridgeIn order to assist deal with the actual expected influx associated with players, we have increased the amount of low level creatures that spawn around Lumbridge. Some additional areas put into kill chickens, cows, goblins as well as frogs. We hope this will make this simpler for new players to locate places to obtain training and to do this without overcrowding.

Skippy offers returned
Skippy, the NPC that enables you to skip Tutorial Isle, has now came back. This is to assist deal with the many players that may wind up on Tutorial Isle and reduce any kind of overcrowding. Skippy will be taken off Tutorial Island at some time soon once Tutorial Isle is slightly much less active.

F2P accounts limits
For the very first 24 hours associated with in-game time on the newly made F2P accounts players cannot industry items off their own account. They can nevertheless receive items however they cannot trade their own items away. Along with trading being restricted we now have also restricted different ways of transferring what to prevent players circumventing the actual limits. If you drop a product manually, the item is seen only to a person. It does never become visible in order to other players.

Should you die to the PKer, they may receive loot, however any stacks of items which you held whenever you died will be reduced to at least one. For example, should you die with 1, 000 coins the actual PKer that killed you'll only receive 1. You can't add items to some Trade offer or even Duel offer. When the industry screen opens a note on the screen will let you know how long it will likely be until you will offer items. If your accounts ever becomes an associate after this revise, these restrictions stop applying to a person, and will not return if you unsubscribe within future.

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