As fans of runescape 3 gold , do you want to see the Ballad of the Barrows Brothers & their sister as soon as possible in 2016? Who are the barrows brothers and who is their unknown sister? Well, RS3goold will share some information with you to talk about this topic.

Who are the barrows brothers & who are their sister?

As the strongest of Sliske's wights, the Barrows brothers were a band of six legendary Saradominist warriors. They made a deal with the powerful Mahjarrat Sliske for power. After their deaths, Sliske buried them in six different barrows in eastern Morytania. Their names are derived from their last resting place known as the Barrows. Even died, they still have to serve Sliske's lord. That means their fates must be grasped by Sliske's lord. Unfortunately, their sister, a mysterious character, is also cursed by him and her fate is unknown to players. Thus, we must take part in the game in person to find answer.

When will it be released and what is the main goal for players?

It is planned to release the update in the first half of 2016. Ballad of the Barrows Brothers will be regarded as a part of Sliske's Countdown and it belongs to the Sliske quest series. To this new update, the players are required to search for a way to break Sliske's restrictions over the Barrows Brothers & their unknown sister. However, it is hinted that freeing Barrows sister from Sliske's curse may not be an easy thing, for we don't have a clear idea that if she need or want to be rescued?

On the whole, what we should do is to release her and her brothers from Sliske's grasp. Therefore, do you have confidence in removing the centuries-long curse of the Barrows Brothers & their sister? Ultimately, just wait for Ballad of the Barrows Brothers & Their Unknown Sister come into place, and grab chance to get close to Sliske in game, in that case, you will inevitably need supplements to make fierce combats. Well, with the help of cheap rs 3 gold, you may feel free to finish your task. By the way, double XMAS offers: 8% off code “GOODOFF’ & 5% free bonus for rs3 gold on RS will help you enjoy a pleasant experience in game. Merry Christmas!

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